Canada’s Euthanasia Bill is a jarring wake-up call to Americans

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The physician-assisted suicide bill that Gov. Jerry Brown signed last year will take effect in June, and some 30 U.S. states are considering legalizing the practice this year. As Americans debate physician-assisted suicide, they should have a look at a bill that’s now moving through the Canadian Parliament, a prominent activist north of the border warns.

Bill C-14, the legislation that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is trying to pass, is a model of the “end goal of the euthanasia and assisted-suicide lobby,” says Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the London, Ontario-based Euthanasia Prevention Council.

“The end goal is that death be available to anyone, that it can be done by anyone and that it can be for very wide open circumstances,” Schadenberg said in an interview. “That’s exactly what this legislation does. If you think this is only about people who are terminally ill, nearing death, who are suffering in great pain and we’re simply providing comfort for those very few people at the end of their lives, think again. Read the bill, read where it’s going.”

Schadenberg and his team are offering amendments to the legislation as Parliament begins hearings on the bill this week. Trudeau’s government crafted the legislation in response to the Supreme Court of Canada’s February 2015 decision striking down a ban on assisted suicide. The court gave the government until June 6 to have a law in place.

But the bill does not simply allow for people who are suffering to end their own lives; it provides for euthanasia as well, by creating an exemption to the homicide act.

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