Canadian charged with 'promotion of hatred' arrested; faces two years in prison if convicted

Canadian charged with ‘promotion of hatred’ arrested; may face two years in prison if convicted

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The Canadian attorney general issued a nationwide warrant to catch a man who distributed 3,000 provocative fliers at an event where others proudly wore silhouettes of Christ on their crotches.

[The Federalist] Last week a nationwide criminal arrest warrant was put out on a 51-year-old Canadian named Bill Whatcott. Whatcott was in the Canadian oil sands at the time, driving a bus to support his family. It was a rough job—temporary work in remote, far-north Canada—but the only employment he could find just then to support his family of four.

VIDEO: Sympathetic interview with Bill Whatcott conducted just before he turned himself in to Calgary police to face the hate speech charges laid against him in Ontario for handing out biblical pamphlets during a Gay Pride event in 2016.

Whatcott was wanted in Toronto to be charged with “Wilful Promotion of Hatred against an identifiable group, namely the gay community.” The basis for this charge? In 2016 Whatcott had distributed “safe sex” pamphlets at a gay pride parade.

These pamphlets stated homosexuality is associated with sexually transmitted diseases, including HPV of the rectum, which the U.S. Centers for Disease Control says is true. The pamphlets also made negative comments about the Liberal party, and stated accusations and facts about several left-wing politicians accused or convicted of various sexual crimes.

For instance, the pamphlets noted that Toronto’s former deputy education minister, who pled guilty to making and distributing child pornography in 2015, had a hand in designing Ontario’s “perverted sex education curriculum.” Government documents show he at the very least oversaw that curriculum’s design, although whether it is “perverted” may be open to debate.

The pamphlets also included Christian statements indicating that unrepentant support for homosexual acts will lead to “eternal peril” but repentance to “the free gift of eternal life.” The pamphlets were illustrated with graphic medical photos similar to those sometimes required on cigarette labels, which are, of course, shocking. They did not call on anyone to hate homosexuals, or advocate violence, or claim that all homosexuals are pedophiles.

This article continues at [The Federalist] Canadian Bus Driver Arrested For Criticizing Homosexuality, Faces Up To 2 Years In Prison

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