Canadian 'journalists' agree to Trudeau’s $600 million subsidy, but only if it's public

Canadian ‘journalists’ agree to Trudeau’s $600 million subsidy, but only if it’s public

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[] An association representing more than 700 Canadian journalists is threatening to pull out of a federal panel that will decide which media outlets qualify for $600 million in tax breaks.

VIDEO: [Press for Truth] Dan Dicks and Leigh Stuart break down the true agenda behind the digital charter and the $600M bailout that are both designed to silence critics of the Trudeau government in the lead up to this years federal election in October. [May 23, 2019]

Canadian Association of Journalists president Karyn Pugliese told The Post Millennial that any secrecy over determining winners and losers in Ottawa’s media bailout is a dealbreaker.

“This has to be open, this has to be a transparent process,” Pugliese said. “Journalists are not going to live with something that’s not completely open.”

On Wednesday, Heritage minister Pablo Rodriguez announced the eight groups invited to join a panel tasked with determining what constitutes a Qualified Canadian Journalism Organization. Organizations that make the cut would then be eligible for up to $13,750 in annual tax breaks for individual editorial staff.

Those asked to nominate one member to the federal panel also include News Media Canada, the Association de la presse francophone, the Quebec Community Newspaper Association, National Ethnic Press, Media Council of Canada, Fédération professionnelle des journalistes du Québec, Unifor and the Fédération nationale des communications.

This article continues at [] Canadian Association of Journalists threatens to quit Trudeau’s $600 million media bailout panel

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