Canadian MP's Easter speech gains praise from UK and US media

Canadian MP’s Easter speech gains praise from UK and US media

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A Canadian politician received a standing ovation last week after he shared the gospel in the Canadian Parliament.

Speaking about freedom of religion, Christian MP Ted Falk highlighted the important role of Judeo-Christian values in the formation of the country.

He then spoke of how this weekend Christians will celebrate Easter, the time when “God’s love ran red, and he sent his only Son to be crucified to pay the price for our sins”.

‘Living Saviour’

He continued: “The really good news is; the cross couldn’t hold him, the tomb is empty, we serve a living saviour, and he’s coming back again.”

He concluded by wishing the Speaker, the House, and all Canadians a “happy and blessed Easter”.

During his brief statement, Falk explained that it is because of Judeo-Christian values that freedom of religion and freedom to express one’s faith exists in Canada.

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