Canadian prof: churches should ‘tremble’ at transgender agenda

Canadian prof: churches should ‘tremble’ at transgender agenda

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In response to a question regarding the implications of transgender politics for religious freedom, the professor described the “social-justice warriors” driving this agenda as “postmodern Marxists.”

“Those people are no friends to religion, that’s for sure,” said Peterson, a political psychologist who has studied the psychology of totalitarianism for 30 years.

“As long as your religion doesn’t contravene any of the social-justice warrior doctrines, and by the way it does, then you’ll be okay as long as you’re quiet — and I would say very quiet… You guys have every serious reason to be worried.”

Peterson, the centre of controversy over his refusal to use transgender pronouns, was in Ottawa Nov. 19 to receive an award the day after Transgender Bill C-16 was sent to the Senate. The bill, which passed easily through the House of Commons, adds gender identity and expression to the Canadian Human Rights Act and to the Criminal Code’s hate-speech provisions. There was no recorded vote because too few opposition members stood to require one.

An attempt by Conservative MP Cathay Wagantall to have the bill returned to committee for further review failed. Critical of what she calls the “deeply flawed, undemocratic process” that saw the bill zip through the Justice Committee without hearing any witnesses other than the Justice Minister, Wagantall wanted each clause examined for its impact on freedom of expression.

“My concern is that dissent of any kind will be construed as hate speech and could subsequently lead to Human Rights Tribunal hearings or, worse yet, criminal charges being laid,” Wagantall said.

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