Canadian Tories target vulnerable Liberal ridings using Trudeau's summer job scapegoat fiasco

Canadian Tories target vulnerable Liberal ridings using Trudeau’s summer job scapegoat fiasco

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The Conservative Party has started campaigning on the controversy over the Canada Summer Jobs attestation on abortion rights, and is aiming squarely at Liberal MPs in key ridings.

VIDEO: Why the summer jobs controversy has struck such an important legal chord in Canadian law, as explained by Barry Bussey, Director of Legal Affairs for Canadian Council of Christian Charities

Using social media ads, mail-outs, and a website that shows how every Liberal MP voted on a recent motion, the Conservatives are looking to benefit from the backlash over the new requirement that organizations applying for a summer jobs grant must have a “core mandate” that respects reproductive rights.

“Did you know that Liberal MP Kamal Khera voted to impose a values test on Canadians?” reads one Conservative Facebook ad, naming the Liberal MP for Brampton West. “This means organizations must agree with Justin Trudeau’s personal beliefs to receive government funding. We think this is wrong – sign if you agree!”

The ads posted so far on Facebook single out 11 Liberal MPs in Ontario, including nearly all of the ridings in Brampton as well as rural ridings in eastern and northern Ontario. Other ads go after six MPs from New Brunswick. Facebook enables these ads to be micro-targeted at certain communities.

The Conservatives have also produced paper mail-outs for some of their own ridings. One viewed by the National Post said Trudeau “has decided to enforce a values test on organizations and individuals” that apply to the jobs program.

“The Liberal government is actually forcing applicants to prove that they agree with the Liberal government’s ideological positions,” it said. “Many groups, especially ones that are faith-based, have been targeted by this new policy. Now, many of them have decided not to apply to the Canada Summer Jobs program.”

This article continues at [National Post] Conservatives launch ads on summer jobs controversy, singling out Liberal MPs

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