Captain Kirk rides to the defense of American historical accuracy

Captain Kirk rides to the defense of American historical accuracy

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Actor William Shatner of “Star Trek” fame has made it clear that he has no interest in getting involved in American politics — mainly because he happens to be Canadian.

When asked about his politically minded costar George Takei or controversial American President Donald Trump, Shatner has always given the same response:

“I don’t want to discuss Trump or Takei. Listen, I’m Canadian and I’m apolitical. I love America. I consider myself a guest here.”

But where Shatner apparently draws the line is the forced removal of history — via artwork and monuments — from the nation where he says he has been honored to spend time as a guest.

It all started when a few folks found out that Shatner had donated some money that was used to build a Louisville, Kentucky, statue of acclaimed horseman and American Gen. John B. Castleman — understandable, since Shatner is an avid horseman and elite breeder himself.

But then they found out that Castleman had also served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War:

This article continues at [Independent Journal Review] William Shatner (Canadian) Gives American History Lesson to Statue-Crazed Pearl Clutchers — And He’s Right

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