Data found on a laptop used by Salah Abdeslam showed ISIS is planning to target England football fans visiting France next month

Captured ISIS laptop reveals plans to attack English soccer stadium

The State
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Islamic State terrorists are planning to attack England supporters next month as they mass in Marseille to follow the Three Lions at the Euros.

Data found on a laptop used by Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam shows ISIS wants to use suicide bombs, assault rifles and even drones carrying chemical weapons to carry out the attacks.

The data included photographs and mention of the French city’s Old Port, where England fans will gather for their opening game against Russia in an official fan zone.

Security chiefs also fear a repeat of Paris in November, when coordinated groups of ISIS killers gunned down people in the streets, according to The Sun.

A Belgium security source told the paper: This can only mean plans were being drawn up to attack England and Russia fans before the game.

This article continues at [Daily Mail] ISIS plot to target England fans at Euro 2016 using suicide bombers and drones discovered on laptop of Paris and Brussels attacks mastermind

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