Catholic and Orthodox Christian leaders unite in opposition to Trump's call to bomb Syria

Catholic and Orthodox Christian leaders unite in opposition to Trump’s call to bomb Syria

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Christian leaders around the world, particularly from the Middle East, are raising their voices in favor of an “end to the bloodshed in Syria” in light of a bombing carried out by the United States, the United Kingdom and France this weekend, targeting military compounds that host chemical weapons.

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Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill spoke on the phone on Saturday, according to TASS, the Russian news agency, worried about the latest developments in the Syrian war.

“We have come forward with this initiative knowing that the Christians cannot remain on the sidelines seeing what is happening in Syria,” Kirill told reporters on Saturday. “Ours was a significant peacemaking dialogue.”

He also said that the two Christian leaders hope to see an end to the “bloodshed” in Syria.

“We spoke about how Christians should influence the events with the scope of putting an end to the violence, ending the war, preventing even more victims,” Kirill said.

Though there’s no accurate number for the number of casualties in the past seven years, an estimated 400,000 to half a million people are believed to have been killed as a direct result of the ongoing war, either in the hands of terrorist organizations such as ISIS, the Syrian government, revel groups and international actors, including Russia and the US.

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  1. Christians in the Middle East are being wiped out and off the map as we speak. So who is speaking for them? It’s time President Putin stepped up to the plate, like the man I think he could be, and reign in
    Assad and his chemical terrorist forces. At the same time, the rebels need to be pulled back as well, maybe even by U.S. forces. What a novel thought … the U.S. and Russia coordinating to bring peace to the region. The use of chemical weapons by anyone must be addressed, and not just with words. Curiously, the event by Britain, France and the U.S. specifically targeted chemical weapons facilities only, yet people cry as if the consortium took out thousands of civilians in what is termed to be collateral damage. Where was the uproar after seeing children being gassed? Where were our faith leaders protecting the innocents? It’s entirely baffling.

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