Catholic teachers assert they believe what they teach, they must teach what they believe

Catholic teachers assert they believe what they teach, they must teach what they believe

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[Edmonton Journal] Alberta Catholic schools need to hire Catholic teachers to retain their identity, says an association representing the school boards.

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“It concerns us greatly to think that people feel unsafe, or felt bullied in their schools,” Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association (ACSTA) president Serena Shaw said on Monday, referring to news stories about LGBTQ teachers feeling unsure their employment is secure because of their sexual orientation.

The coverage prompted Education Minister David Eggen in December to request copies of all school board’s employment agreements for review. Public school boards, which operate some religious schools, are included in the review.

Shaw said she hopes the practice of asking Catholic teachers to sign Catholicity agreements as a condition of their employment can continue. Teachers signed the agreements willingly, knowing what was expected of them, she said.

“The courts have told us that we have to be Catholic or there’s no reason for us to exist,” Shaw said. “And this is one of many ways that we are Catholic. We expect people to live Catholic lifestyles. We don’t have any intention of waiving that, as far as we’re concerned.”

Meanwhile, a group of Alberta public school boards has written to Eggen the religious requirements are discriminatory and should stop.

This article continues at [Edmonton Journal] Religious lifestyles for Catholic school teachers necessary ‘or there’s no reason for us to exist,’ says trustee rep

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