Catholic West and Orthodox East join to urge Europe's return to Christ

Catholic West and Orthodox East join to urge Europe’s return to Christ

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Europe must be willing to communicate with people from different religions and go back to its Christian roots to allow peace to reign in the continent, according to Catholic and Orthodox leaders.

During the 5th European Catholic-Orthodox Forum in Paris last month, 12 members of the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences and 12 representatives from the Orthodox Churches in Europe gathered to talk about the threat of terrorism and the value of religious freedom. The faith leaders released a joint statement calling on Europeans to return to their Christian roots amid the existing efforts of various groups to push religion out of the public square, Catholic News Agency relays.

“If you are cut off from your roots, you will come adrift,” the Catholic and Orthodox leaders said in their joint statement. “The emptiness within especially exposes the youngest people to the worst temptations. We firmly repeat that the Christian faith reconciles all the personal and social dimensions that are found in the human person.”

More than ever, Europe needs to get a hold of the faith and hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ, the faith leaders added. They pointed to the Christian faith as the “marker of identity” that upholds human rights and works for the common good.

The Catholic and Orthodox leaders noted that radical terrorists are often troubled young people who use violence as an avenue to express their feelings and as a way to inflict violence on upon those they label as “infidels.” In light of this thought, the faith leaders called on young people to adhere to inclusiveness.

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