Charles Lewis: CBC slandering Christinas -- Your tax dollars at work.

Charles Lewis: CBC slandering Christians — Your tax dollars at work

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It would be grand to believe the CBC is for everyone. It is, after all, a national broadcaster that we all support with our tax dollars, whether we want to or not.

But I sometimes think those who run the CBC believe the stream of tax revenue that fills their coffers comes exclusively from secularists, atheists and those who espouse a kind of religion lite.

In other words, not people like us, who the CBC might characterize as crazy, God-fearing, obsessive fanatics who spend our days screaming at people to change their ways and then threaten them with hell and damnation.

It’s how I spend much of my free time.

Never was this warped stereotype so on display as in a recent column by CBC journeyman reporter Neil Macdonald, now an opinion writer for the broadcaster.

At the end of May, he raised questions about the religious views of Andrew Scheer, the new leader of the federal Conservative Party and a serious Catholic. He asked: Would Scheer impose his views on the country should he become prime minister?

Good opinion columns can express a point of view while remaining fair and respectful. Macdonald’s column was neither.

“To be clear here,” Macdonald wrote, “I am all for a person’s right to believe in whatever he or she desires, to embrace foundational myths of aliens, or miracles, or extreme positions of love or hatred, as long as it remains in a place of worship, with the door closed. But it usually doesn’t.

“Religion most often involves a deep commitment to telling other people how to live their lives. In the U.S. — and to a lesser extent Canada — evangelical conservatives, both Roman Catholic and Protestant, are often a relentless and formidable political force.

This article continues at [Catholic Register] Comment: CBC columnist sends message of ignorance

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