Chinese musician Xu Chi

China’s love of music may prove the key to their souls

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China loves music. A new survey shows hundreds of millions listen to it on a regular basis. Now a small, but growing number of Chinese Christians are tapping into that market with a genre of music they hope will impact the world’s most populous nation.

Xu Chi is part of that movement. Xu was a rock singer for 20 years.

He performed in nightclubs and other venues around China. But the fame and wealth, he says, did nothing to quench the emptiness he felt inside.

“It took me sometime to admit it, but the pleasure was temporary. It did not reach down into my soul,” Xu told CBN News.

From Rock to the Gospel

Xu said that all changed in a single moment and transformed his singing career.

This article continues at [CBN] Can China’s Love of Music Be the Key to Revival?

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