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Chinese pastor murdered by North Korean agents, activists charge

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Three North Korean security agents might have killed an ethnic Korean priest who was found dead in a Chinese border town last week, the head of a group of South Korean abductees’ families said Monday.

The Chinese national, only identified by his surname Han and known as a supporter of North Korean defectors, was found dead on Saturday in a northeastern Chinese town near the border with North Korea.

Han is believed to have been murdered by three North Korean agents who were dispatched to the Chinese northeastern province of Jilin right before the incident, Choi Sung-yong, the head of the group of families for South Koreans abducted by North Korea, said, quoting what he heard from North Korean defectors.

“The agents are known to have returned to their country,” Choi said. “The priest has long supported North Korean defectors. North Korea seems to judge that his church is being used as a hideout for such North Koreans.”

   Han is known to have served at a church in Changbai county where many ethnic Koreans living in China reside.

This article continues at [Yonhap News Agency] Korean-Chinese priest presumed to have been killed by N.K. security agents

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