Christian group forbidden to give away free lunches at atheist rally

The Faith

Ray Comfort of Living Waters ministries had planned to go to the nation’s capital this weekend, distribute some of his books, and bless the atheists gathered there with cards redeemable for sandwiches. Comfort says a thousand supporters agreed to go with him.

“When the city found out about that, DC said that’s a protest, with a thousand people,” he explains. “And that moved it up a lot, and they said, You need a special permit. And without a permit, you’re Christians, so you’re not allowed to go down and talk to those atheists because that would cause problems – which I can understand.

“In today’s climate, they’re worried about terrorism and they don’t want Christians arguing and having the police distracted.”

This article continues at [One News Now] Officials cancel ministry’s gift of free lunch for atheists

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