Christian groups unite to produce 13-episode pro-Israel TV series

Christian groups unite to produce 13-episode pro-Israel TV series

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Christian groups have banded together to launch a new documentary television series called Why Israel Matters, which is a program geared to inform believers and non-believers alike about what the ancient land of Israel and its Jewish people mean – or should mean – to the world today.

In a joint partnership, Christians in Defense of Israel (CIDI), Liberty Counsel and the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) worked to produce the new 13-episode television series, Why Israel Matters, to set the record straight about the biblical importance of the  Holy Land in the midst of the fierce opposition waged against the Jewish State by the pro-Palestinian politically correct agenda promoted by the schools, entertainment industry and mainstream media.

Setting the biblical record straight

The program shares with viewers how Israel was given to the Jewish people by God – dispelling the propaganda disseminated by the mainstream media and liberal pundits that Israel has unrightfully taken land from the Palestinians. It takes audiences back thousands of years ago – when God led the Israelites to take over the Middle Eastern region – and shows how the Jewish people fulfilled biblical prophesy by reclaiming the Holy Land in 1948 … approximately 2,000 years after they were dispersed as a nation to every corner of the world.

The series – which takes audiences through the Promised Land from a biblical perspective – debuted last Tuesday. It sets out to explain to the world why a tiny nation in the Middle East – about the size of New Jersey – is so important to Christians, America and the entire world.

TBN Chairman Matt Crouch stressed how important it is for the United States to support Israel in its ongoing conflict against the Palestinians and the Islamic nations surrounding it in the Middle East that are set upon its ultimate destruction.

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