Christian writer sees Muslim refugees ripe for conversion to Christ

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As millions of Muslim refugees flood into the West, author Tom Doyle believes there’s a huge opportunity for the church to show them love.

If Christians open their hearts to the refugees and show compassion and friendship, many will be won to Christ, he told CBN News.

“Today, more Muslims have come to faith in the last 10 years than in the last 1,400 years of Islam, so this is our great opportunity,” he said.

Too often, Christians isolate themselves or never engage with their Muslim neighbors out of fear, but Doyle believes the Church should be the first to reach out to Muslims.

“I think we can get together with Muslims, have them over to dinner, get to know them, ask them what it’s like to live in America, what it’s like in their country, just befriend them and start to show them the love of Jesus. And I’m telling you that will open many doors with them.”

This article continues at [CBN] Why Muslim Refugees Present A Great Opportunity for the Church

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