[Copeland] Conrad Black highlights Canada’s unsung great achievements

[Peter Copeland] Conrad Black highlights Canada’s unsung great achievements

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[ThePostMillenial.com] Canada is underestimated by many of its own citizens and by countries around the world.

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This perception motivates Conrad Black’s latest book, The Canadian Manifesto. It is short, and in this regard a significant departure from his earlier works—erudite, painstakingly researched and lengthy histories and biographies. It is as the word in the title is defined—“a public declaration of policy and aims.” The timing is right, analysis on point as usual, but the prescriptions may be infeasible, and the message may go unheard.

In short, Black thinks Canadians need not feel as they do. His approach is to highlight the country’s underappreciated achievements, in order to demonstrate that Canada has a discernable set of attributes that can be harnessed to chart a promising course forward.

Canada has a unique political climate characterized by “pragmatic compromise for greater unity,” and a concomitant history of good governance. This makes it a suitable candidate to be a leader and innovator in public policy design and implementation.

He builds his case in the historical section of the book that examines the past through the lens of political leaders, and major events. While this focus appears at times narrow, the claims are supported and outlined in much greater detail in his earlier, three-volume history of Canada—Rise to Greatness.

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  1. Why would you push an Ex Cons book ??????

  2. This man is a convicted and pardoned crook. One of his first crimes was to steal all the pension money from employees of the Dominion stores when he bought it and took that corporation into bankruptcy to milk the money from employees and retirees while lining his own pockets.

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