Migrants queue on a bridge crossing the border river Inn at the German-Austrian frontier between Braunau and Simbach am Inn near Passau, Germany November 1, 2015. Many will make their way to Britain. If they claim to be Christian, they may be subjected to a test of their biblical knowledge.

Critics says test to detect UK refugees posing as Christians is faulty

The Faith
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Refugees from North Africa and the Middle East who claim to be Christian must prove they are Christian if they wish to receive asylum in Great Britain, a newreport on immigration in the country claims.

According to the report, purported converts to Christianity are being subjected to “Bible trivia” questions before they can receive the all-important asylum designation. They are asked about the Ten Commandments, books of the Bible, biblical personalities and important biblical festivals such as Pentecost.

The questions, however, may not be producing the intended result.

“While the law is clear that religious persecution constitutes grounds for asylum, assessment of religion based asylum applications is complex and challenging due to the inherently internal and personal nature of religion and belief,” the report says.

“This is compounded by the fact that persecution on the basis of religion or belief encompasses a wide range of human rights violations and relates to complex dynamics of communal identities, politics, conflicts and radical organizations.”

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