[Danielle Smith] Alberta could solve Trudeau's carbon woes if he'd just let it

[Danielle Smith] Alberta could solve Trudeau’s carbon woes if he’d just let it

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[Edmonton Journal] Alberta’s energy industry has solved carbon dioxide. That’s what you need to know as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau drives the final stake into the heart of our province’s proud and innovative oil and gas sector with his obnoxious bills C-48 and C-69.

VIDEO: [Calgary Herald] Around 4,000 people turned out June 11 at Calgary’s Stampede Park, to show support for Alberta’s energy industry. Here Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage promises to take ‘all plausible steps’ to show Canada and the world that Alberta is open for business. [Jun. 11, 2019]

Alberta’s energy industry is on the cusp of saving the planet. The reason I believe this is I sat through three days and nearly 50 presentations from CEOs, scientists, financiers and other energy experts at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary this week. I was asked to moderate the conference’s strategic policy sessions. It was like being in a parallel universe.

Here’s what you need to know. In 2016, a group of industry leaders created the Natural Gas Innovation Fund and began funding projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The projects they have seeded are too numerous to mention, but panellist and long-time energy industry CEO Sue Riddell Rose said we are pretty close to being able to achieve zero-emissions natural gas.

You have to pause for a minute to appreciate the breathtaking implications of what that would mean.

Zero-emissions natural gas would have a smaller environmental footprint than every other energy source, including wind or solar or hydro.

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