Daughter of a vicious gang rape meets her mother 48 years later

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All my life I was told how special I was to be loved so much by not one, but two sets of parents.

People would ask about my “real” parents, but I knew my adopted parents were my “real parents.” I always knew I was adopted, and like most adoptees, I was too afraid to look for my “birth” parents for fear of hurting my parents. Then, in 1989, with blessings from my parents, I began searching.

The agency facilitating my adoption could not give me “identifying” information, but what they did give me was shocking. While my parents were told my mother had died giving birth, the records said she was 22 and suffered from being “nervous.”

Nervous? What did that mean?

In 2003 my request to a judge for the release of those records was granted. However it was not without resistance from the agency’s social worker that I finally got verbal information.

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