[David MacKenzie] Time to stand - Mark Smith's religious views are the solution, not the problem

[David MacKenzie] Time to stand – Mark Smith’s religious views are the solution, not the problem

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[FaceBook] Of all the tactics that a public Christian can endure in Canadian and Western society, none is more exasperating— none more revolting— than the swarming mob of sexual progressivists and their mainstream media shills. Their tactics are as predictable as the dawn—identify some supposed slight or offence, some fundamental breach of culturally-contrived ethics— and then publicly hound the perceived offender until his character is thoroughly besmirched, and his reputation destroyed. Hound him, or her, until the offender is compelled to backtrack, apologize, or writhe on the floor in political agony, grovelling for some incoherent insult— no matter how honourably or bluntly expressed— to contemporary sexual orthodoxy.

VIDEO: [660 News] Street interviews in Drayton Valley on ex-UCP candidate Mark Smith. [Apr 3, 2019]

Does anyone in Alberta remember Allan Hunsperger? Of course we do. Today’s sex-progs and prigs won’t let the “offending” culture forget him. Every time one hears some puerile public reference to hell, particularly the “lake of fire”, it is usually from a sexual progressive who wants to dredge up the former Wildrose candidate and parade his effigy as the pariah of all political pariahs in Alberta— when all the man is, or was, is a committed, Biblical Christian.

We need to adjust our perspective, and not crown the usual media as the definitive truth-tellers. A hundred years hence, some may look back and recognize that our days are but the lofty “height” of the Sexual Revolution— where pontificating Jacobins of a new generation insist upon their own definitions of heresy. Impure puritans all— if there were a scarlet letter handed out today, it would be for the crime of not endorsing adultery, not endorsing homosexuality, not endorsing gender dysphoria. Revolutions have a tendency to turn sanity upside down.

Early parliamentary conservatives like Edmund Burke were absolutely horrified by revolutionary France, but could take some comfort that the political disaster was across the Channel. Today’s Canadian conservatives, however, have the dubious pleasure of seeing the spirit of “de-Christianization” thoroughly ensconced within our own borders— all in the name of today’s cult of reason.

This is what happens when social politics pays less attention to Jesus, and more attention to the Marquis de Sade— who was, after all, a radical member of the political Left, and seems to have legions of adoring fans among the Liberals and NDP— as well as CTV, Global, and (of course) the CBC. When public personas like Hunsperger’s are swiftly “crucified” for the mere mention of hell, can actual guillotines be far behind? After all, France’s radical modus operandi turned out to be driving its Evangelical Protestants off its shores, or martyring them, and then turning on its own Catholic clergy and grassroots. By the time Robespierre really got going, the rationalists were even devouring the rationalists— on their bloody way to totalitarianism (and Bonaparte).

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