de Souza: Trudeau's ploy to play Caiphas has failed. Christians reject his 30 pieces of silver

de Souza: Trudeau’s ploy to play Caiphas has failed. Christians reject his 30 pieces of silver

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Judas. The very name, even amongst those who will not darken the doors of a church on Good Friday or at Easter, is held in opprobrium. The great betrayer. Dante puts him in the lowest circle of Hell, and the world agrees.

VIDEO: Toronto Sun March 26 Jordan Peterson interview: It’s ‘almost impossible to overstate how shallow’ Justin Trudeau is.

Which is not entirely obvious. There are other characters in the Bible who have betrayed their friends, even betrayed their own family. Treachery did not arrive with Judas. Yet we single him out. Why?

There is of course the close relationship with Jesus. But the other apostles also fled. And Peter, the leader among them, denied that he even knew Jesus at the moment of trial.

It is the selling that so offends. The biblical books are replete with stories of ignoble deeds done out of fear, or cowardice, or confusion, or for ambition, for lust, for power, for apparent honour. But simply for money?

“What will you give me if I hand him over to you?” Judas asks.

And the 30 pieces of silver was paid, and remains in our language forever as the metaphor of betrayal.

If Judas had been promised the heartfelt thanks of grateful allies, or a high position at court, or approbation for doing the right thing — however mistaken, we might be more sympathetic. But for money?

Even those who paid Judas recoiled from it. When he regretted his betrayal and returned the money, they knew it was dirty and refused to keep it.

All of which comes to mind this Holy Week, not only for liturgical reasons. The story of Judas — or the incapacity to understand it — fits so well the federal government’s obstinacy on the Canada Summer Job Program, an obstinacy that appears to be prompting Canadians to rethink whether their government is truly a champion of fundamental liberties.

Am I saying that Justin Trudeau is like Judas? No. Rather it seems that the prime minister thinks that the churches of Canada just might be. And that is more offensive still.

This article continues at [National Post] Father Raymond J. de Souza: Canada’s churches aren’t interested in Trudeau’s 30 pieces of silver

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  1. I am not sure where churches, either Catholic or Protestant are willing to “draw the line.” It seems we have all been subjected to increasing pressure to conform to a liberal/socialist/communist agenda that is intent on tearing down conservative values that recognize that there IS a line to be drawn. The pro-choice “assertion” is just one additional way to cajole and prod Conservative Catholics and Protestants into a position of subjugation. Everyone agrees, Judas was a fool. And he got bought … cheap. Trudeau, a pseudo-Catholic at best, is a disgrace to Canada’s Parliament. Dr. Jordan Peterson is correct, IMHO, on this. He has violated and continues to violate the principles of Western Democracy that many of us hold dear, through a variety of subterfuge actions, both inside Parliament and out.

    Unfortunately, our student population is being indoctrinated to this socialistic view at a furious pace as evidenced recently by a question to a Catholic School elementary class. “Should people be expected to work? Raise your hand if you think this.” One student out of the entire class raised her hand. Another student asked why she would be the only one. The teacher responded by saying that she apparently didn’t know about socialism. This is southern Alberta, former Bible Belt Canada. I say former! (And we wonder why we have an NDP government in Alberta!)

    Recent efforts, in the form of Motion 103 in Canadian Parliament, now place any criticism of Islam in the realm of hate speech. So now we have compelled speech in terms of gender pronouns (See Jordan Peterson on this issue), and criticism of one religious group is now recognized as hate speech. It has been a slippery slope that is more like a cliff. We are already over the edge, in my view. Sharia Law is now at our doorstep and it will only be a matter of time before we will all be subjugated to more stringent laws that will govern our very thoughts, let alone our speech. There is little protection for Christians in all this, BTW.

    We are being undone by our own laws, and our own foolishness. Interest groups are appealing to infidels to protect them from the infidels. Curious! At some point, the appeals will cease, not because the protection will be perceived to not be needed, but because the laws will then support prosecution of the ones being accused of hate and thought crimes. The test cases have already been run, with Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant bearing the brunt of the attacks. We’re now into the second runs. As I was once told, our own laws will be our undoing! The forging ahead of Multiculturalism will kill at least some of us and it will not lead to equity of outcome. As Peterson has pointed out, the Twentieth Century was a test case for the socialistic (equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity) ideal, and it ended up in the disaster of over 200 million deaths by suppressive governments. What thinking suggests we can avoid it now? Pierre Trudeau’s “Just Society” will somehow disappear in the distance of the rear view mirror. Justin Trudeau’s attempts to revive his father’s dreams will only end in disaster for Canada.

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