Democrat dynasty icon RFK Jr. may head investigation on vaccine safety

Democrat dynasty icon RFK Jr. may head investigation on vaccine safety

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Few subjects get the mainstream media barking in unison as quickly as any criticism of vaccines. So when Robert Kennedy Jr. told reporters last month that President-elect Donald Trump had invited him to chair a federal commission to investigate vaccine safety and scientific integrity, the barking began immediately.

Forbes commentator Tara Haelle, who offers “straight talk on science, medicine and vaccines”, penned a five-point rebuttal of Kennedy’s oft-voiced allegations of a link between vaccines and autism. And she approvingly quoted Vanity Fair contributor Seth Mnookin’s tweet: “Appointing RFK Jr. to head vaccine safety panel is like appointing David Duke to head panel on race relations.”

People get suspicious these days when the mainstream media shrieks racism. And it certainly rings hollow in an attack on RFK Jr., son of RFK Sr., assassinated 1960s civil rights crusader Senator Bobby Kennedy. He’s got the family name and progressive bio the media usually loves.

Strange bedfellows

While many in the commentariat feel betrayed by RFK Jr. on vaccines, others are wondering why on earth a Republican president accused of harbouring climate change deniers in his cabinet and planning an all-out industrial assault on the environment, would want to hire this Democrat environmentalist anti-development icon, a litigator as green as any Sierra Club tree-hugger? What could RFK Jr. possibly know about scientific integrity? And why on earth is he smearing vaccines – public health’s shiniest achievement?

Kennedy answers a lot of these questions in a lengthy interview he gave to a docu-series exposé called Vaccines Revealed. He says he is pro-vaccine and his six kids are vaccinated, but then explains that he was drawn into the fray as an environmental lawyer who had researched mercury poisoning in the environment. Whenever he spoke about that issue, he says, he was approached by mothers who would tell him that if he was serious about protecting children from mercury, he should look at vaccines.

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