[Diane Francis] The self-serving cabal at Canada's core and the culture of Liberal control

[Diane Francis] The self-serving cabal at Canada’s core and the culture of Liberal control

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[Financial Post] It was no coincidence that the current unravelling of the Liberal party was caused by the principled objections regarding SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. by two political newcomers against a concerted attempt to subvert justice.

VIDEO: [CTV] Liberal grip on Parliament weakens as scandals take their toll. Don Martin talks to pollster Nick Nanos, who says that while much can change in six months, latest poll numbers would put Conservatives under Andrew Scheer in minority government. [Apr. 13, 2019]

It is also no coincidence that both were female and both from outside the Quebec-Ottawa power centre that has controlled postwar Canada for generations.

Clearly, they failed to realize the party’s lengthy tenure in Ottawa is based on putting all things Quebec or Liberal above everything else. Instead, they collided with this coven of Liberal civil servants, corporations, media sympathizers, law firms, lobbyists, and caucus colleagues who salute first and never ask questions.

Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott, both women of immense talent and merit before entering “public life,” were crushed and spat out for the crime of not understanding what they were a part of.

They are simply the latest, and highest profile, victims of the dirty little secret that governs Canada. The country’s federal government, civil service, regulated industries, Crown corporations and its surrounding infrastructure of law firms, public and government relations outfits, are populated with people who went to the same schools and grew up in Quebec, Ottawa, or Rosedale.

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