Dr. Scott Mason: Ontario's Bill 28 likens parents to slave owners

Dr. Scott Mason: Ontario’s Bill 28 likens parents to slave owners

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Six months ago, I suggested that the Ontario government’s omnibus Bill 28 had defined the natural family unit out of legal existence. It was an unprecedented assault on human identity. Like Aldous Huxley’s dystopian society Brave New World, the words “mother” and “father” no longer had any legal standing in Ontario.

If a historic precedent were to be sought, the one that occurred to me as a Mohawk was the atrocious treatment of native Canadians in the residential schools. Some have described their treatment as “cultural genocide” and a “bludgeon to kill the Indian in the child.” The height of the atrocity wasn’t the physical and sexual abuse by authority figures, as awful as that was, but the official policy of “forcible enfranchisement.”

“Forcible enfranchisement” was the disgraceful euphemism used to justify violating native families. Children were simply taken from their parents. The government believed its violation justified because it was saving the children’s souls. “Enfranchisement” dehumanized the parents by likening them to slave owners.

I suggested that Bill 28 would have a similar effect.

To this day, I suspect that most Ontarians are oblivious to the fact that the spine of the body politic in the province, i.e. the families that constitute it, has been forcibly extracted in family law.

Who would suspect it? Politicians weren’t elected to enact theological experiments, or were their legislative intentions even considered by the unsuspecting electorate. The official line is that these changes are little tweaks, inclusive accommodations to bring legislation up to date.

Only radicals would ever consider using the tools of government to enact Frankenstein legislation on the basic social unit of the body politic. And, make no mistake, the Liberals have used their legislative power to do nothing less than to redefine human nature before the law.

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