Drennan: What little coverage mainstream media gives to new Bible museum is disparaging

Drennan: What little coverage mainstream media gives to new Bible museum is disparaging

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Fearing that America was one step closer to becoming a theocracy with the opening of the privately-funded Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C., on Thursday and Friday, CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today hyped the supposed “controversy” swirling around the institution, even claiming that a “cloud of suspicion” hung over the building as it opened its doors.

“Coming up on CBS This Morning, I’ll tell you why this museum is generating some controversy. It’s just a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol,” warned correspondent Chip Reid on Thursday. Introducing the segment minutes later, co-host Charlie Rose emphasized that the museum was largely funded by “the conservative Christian family-run company Hobby Lobby.”

Reid reinforced that concern in his report: “Some 51,000 donors contributed to the construction of the museum, but the largest and most controversial donor is Hobby Lobby, the arts and crafts chain founded by the conservative Christian Green family.” Talking to Hobby Lobby president Steve Green, Reid worried: “The U.S. Capitol is over your shoulder. Some people have said the goal here is to knock down that wall between church and state. Anything to that?”

Green dismissed the notion: “Well, no, because I think there is a separate role for the church and the state and it’s not the state’s role to espouse a faith.” It’s not clear why anyone would think a privately-funded institution on private property would in any way impact the separation between church and state.

Regardless, Reid wrapped up the story by continuing to parrot the left-wing talking point:

Some critics on the left say this museum will be full of evangelical propaganda. But some evangelicals say there’s not enough about Jesus in this museum. The people behind the museum say if they’re being criticized on the left and the right, they must be right in the middle, right where they want to be.

This article continues at [NewsBusters] CBS, NBC Hype ‘Controversy’ and ‘Cloud of Suspicion’ Over Museum of the Bible

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  1. I guess these guys simply prefer the Charlie Rose we have now gotten to know. So sexual predation is preferable to a Bible museum to the Capitol?

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