Education minister vows to hide from parents if child joins LGTBQ club

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Alberta’s NDP government is making it illegal for schools to tell parents their children is in a gay/straight alliance.

Education Minister Dave Eggen announced Wednesday that he’ll introduce the legislation this fall to “ensure the safety and security of all inhabitants of this province,” reported the Edmonton Sun.

As well as banning schools from telling parents their child is in a GSA, Eggen’s proposed law would amend the School Act to mandate schools tell LGBTQ students they have the legal right to form a gay-straight alliance.

It would compel all publicly funded schools, including Catholic, to establish anti-bullying policies banning discrimination based on gender identity and expression and sexual orientation.

The proposed NDP bill would also be enforced in private schools, the Sun reported.

Eggen can defund non-compliant schools

Private schools are currently exempted from legislation mandating schools allow a GSA on student request. An outside consultant recommended last December that the NDP remove the exemption.

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