[Eric Peters] The real reason kids aren't interested in autos any more

[Eric Peters] The real reason kids aren’t interested in autos any more

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[American Spectator] You have probably read about the younger crowd being more interested in their cell phones than in cars. The statistic most often cited in support of this claim — which is true — is that about a fourth of those in the 18-30 bracket don’t even have a driver’s license.

VIDEO: [BeachBoysRemembered] When the Beach Boys sang about cars 60 years ago, they were celebrating a generation’s freedom and independence as well. Now, with all the restrictions that come with a new license, getting a car just isn’t such a big event for many young people and guess what: Nobody sings about it any more. Here’s a reminder of when they did. [Apr. 4, 2011]

Which is also true.

And it’s probably on purpose.

Most states don’t allow a teenager to get a full driver’s license until he’s almost not a teenager. He’s allowed to drive — but only by himself. Or with an adult (someone over 18) in the car with him. Not with his friends (or his girlfriend).

Not at night.

Forget beach week/spring break — unless driven there by mom and dad. Might as well stay home.

And so, they do. Which is just the point. To sever the emotional bond that heretofore formed between teenagers and cars — and driving them — which lasted a lifetime. It’s much easier to get people out of cars when they haven’t got much interest in getting in them.

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