Ex-Scientologist sues ‘church’ for forcing her to abort her child

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After decades of coercion, former Scientologist Laura DeCrescenzo is suing the Church of Scientology for allegedly forcing her to have an abortion.

It was 1991 when 12-year-old DeCrescenzo said she signed a contract promising “eternal devotion to a religious order – not just for this lifetime, but for all future lifetimes,” according to ABC7. As her parents were devout scientologists, they supported her decision to move to the Scientology’s Pacific Area Command Base, despite her young age. Yet when she became pregnant at 17, DeCrescenzo’s new home would become her prison.

She said she was immediately pressured into aborting the child, as the Church of Scientology’s Pacific program doesn’t allow its members to have children. DeCrescenzo recounted how her superiors influenced her decision, “I was told by the commanding officer of my organization that, she immediately started telling me at this point the baby wasn’t a baby, it was just tissue.”

“I never agreed to have an abortion,” she continued. “Did I concede? Yes, I did. Does it kill me every day? Yes, it does.”

ABC7 describes the legal fight over the DeCrescenzo’s treatment because of her pregnancy:

This article continues at [Lifenews] “Church” of Scientology Accused of Forcing Woman to Have Abortion

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