Facebook ex-curators own up: Yes the news is definitely slanted left

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Social media giant Facebook is denying reports that its staffers responsible for curating which news stories appear under the popular trending stories section censored conservative news web sites like LifeNews.com in favor of web sites run by liberal, pro-abortion mainstream media outlets.

As LifeNews reported yesterday, former Facebook workers admit having suppressed conservative news stories on the mammoth social media web site in favor of articles from the liberal mainstream media.

Contractors who worked as “curators” for Facebook’s trending topics section, which puts the topnews stories at the fingertips of users of the social media web site, regularly censored stories trending among Facebook members who are conservatives, according to a Monday report from Gizmodo.

In the interviews, a former Facebook curator told Gizmodo that topics popular with conservatives were not included on the trending list. The conservative Facebook contractor speculated that the person running the list “didn’t recognize the news topic” or was biased against a conservative figure involved.

Another former curator told Gizmodo that if a story originated on a conservative news website, like LifeNews.com, curators would look for a link to the story from a liberal media web site to place in the trending list instead. Such decisions would suppress traffic to web sites like LifeNews and other conservative and pro-life web sites.

This article continues at [Life News] Facebook Denies Censoring Conservative News Stories in Favor of Liberal Media

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