FBI will not charge Hillary, but discloses she lied about her emails

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Hillary Clinton has avoided prosecution for her use of a private email server while at the State Department. But the FBI investigation into the server and Mrs. Clinton’s handling of classified information may still leave a permanent mark on her public reputation. 

That’s because FBI evidence disproves some of the key statements Clinton has made in her own defense. Most important, the agency found that 110 of Clinton’s emails were marked as “classified” when they were sent or received. Clinton has long said that she never knowingly handled secrets on her private system.

FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday that his agency would not recommend criminal charges against the former secretary of State. In part, that’s because they did not find “willful mishandling” of large amounts of classified material. However, he spent much of the rest of his surprise morning news conference describing the Clinton team’s “extremely careless” attitude towards email security.

The bottom line: Once again, a Clinton is enmeshed in a situation where the phrase “they should have known better” seems an appropriate description. The email controversy will now join a list of incidents that stretches from Whitewater to Travelgate to Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, and big bucks Wall Street speeches.

“FBI director took Clinton to woodshed in extraordinary way: Imagine tension of first Oval Office meeting if she were elected,”tweeted AP investigative team editor Ted Bridis in response to Director Comey’s appearance. 

This article continues at [Christian Science Monitor] Hillary Clinton: No email indictment, but not off the hook (+video)

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