France is rapidly yielding to Islamist take-over, U.S. study contends

France is rapidly yielding to Islamist take-over, U.S. study contends

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The Washington-based Gatestone Institute refuses to let up. In the face of widespread deafening silence, possibly resulting from the freeze of fear, it continues to publish articles showing that Islam has, for most intents and purposes, taken over one of Europe’s historically leading countries: France.

In Gatestone’s most recent article, University of Paris Prof. Guy Millière writes that the State “scarcely maintains law and order in France” in the face of Muslim violence: “France is a country at the mercy of large-scale uprisings. They can explode anytime, anyplace. French leaders know it, and find refuge in cowardice.”

Just a few days ago, well-known Italian writer and Arutz Sheva columnist Giulio Meotti wrote starkly for Gatestone, “Instead of fighting to save what is savable, French opinion-makers are already writing the terms of surrender.”

Meotti focuses on the Islamic cultural takeover of France, while Millière focuses on the more physical – “Arab and African neighborhoods [have] become ‘no-go zones.'” But the message is the same: France is allowing itself to be turned into an Islamic country.

Two years ago, the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris suggested converting empty churches into mosques. Possibly along those lines, a report released by France’s main think tank suggests that French authorities should replace the two Catholic holidays – Easter Monday and Pentecost – with Islamic holidays and a token Jewish holiday (Yom Kippur) as well.

“By hybridizing cultures and rejecting Christianity,” Meotti writes, “France will soon end up not even teaching also Arabic, but only Arabic, and marking Ramadan instead of Easter. Instead of wasting their time trying to organize an ‘Islam of France,’ French political leaders, opinion makers and think tanks should look for ways to counter the creeping Islamization of their country.”

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