Franklin Graham warns US to be on guard after Ontario's new LGBTQ law

Franklin Graham warns US to be on guard after Ontario’s new LGBTQ law

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Christian humanitarian and evangelist Franklin Graham says the U.S. should be “on guard” after lawmakers in Canada’s largest province passed a law that pits Christian parents against LGBTQ interests.

Southern Baptist spokesman Dr. Russell Moore calls the law “alarming” and says that all people, not just Christians, should be concerned.

“Can you imagine having the government take your child away from you if the children decided they felt like switching their gender identity and you disagreed?” Graham said on Facebook. He called the law “totalitarian and oppressive” and said it goes against science, Scripture and common sense.

Moore told CBN News that the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission believes that new law is ridiculous.  “A state that can use the coercion over parents of teaching their children moral formation of principles is a state that has overstepped all of its bounds,” he said.

The Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, also known as Bill 89, replaces Ontario’s previous law dealing with child protection, foster care and adoption. It redefines the “best interests of the child” to include sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Dr. Mark Yarhouse, a leading researcher on gender identity at Regent University’s Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity, says 75 percent of children struggling with gender identity tend to resolve their confusion by late adolescence. Different studies show that struggle, often known as gender dsyphoria, can affect one in 215 or one in 300, compared to gay and lesbians who make up 2-3 percent of the population.

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