From Islam and abortion to Jesus and the sanctity of life

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By the time Derya Little was a young teenager, she was seriously questioning her Muslim faith and its treatment of women.

Her doubts, coupled with her parents’ divorce and family struggles, took her down a troubling path where she drank heavily, experimented with drugs and aborted two unborn babies. Eventually, though, Little’s life began to change when she developed a friendship with a pro-life Christian.

Little recounts her life story in her book “From Islam to Christ: One Woman’s Path Through the Riddles of God,” new from Ignatius Press. Her book gives westerners an intriguing look at the Muslim culture in Turkey, Islamic beliefs about unborn babies and women, and her conversion from Islam to atheism to Christianity.

Now a devout Catholic, wife and mother in the United States, Little grew up in a Muslim home in Turkey. Her parents divorced when she was in middle school, something still very much frowned upon in the conservative culture, and the separation deeply affected her life.

Little did not have a good relationship with either of her parents. After the divorce, she lived with her mother and brother. Her mother was quiet and distant, and she seemed to care more about how the neighbors perceived her and her children than their actual well-being.

So when Little began spending a lot of her time drinking and experimenting with drugs, her mother did not seem to care, as long as she didn’t get caught.

Little’s school friends introduced her to atheist writers and communist thinkers, and she began reading Karl Marx, Franz Kafka and Friedrich Nietzsche. She became an agnostic and later an atheist while she was in high school.

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