Germany is now convicting critics of refugees for using ‘hate speech’

The State
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The trial of Lutz Bachmann has come to an end. The PEGIDA founder was accused of inciting hate speech or “sedition” against migrants back in 2014.

Bachmann made a post on Facebook in which he called some migrants “brutes” and “scum.” The Dresden court ultimately found Bachmann guilty of inciting hatred toward the migrants and decided to forgo a prison sentence and fine him instead reports Frankfurter Rundschau.

Prosecution attorney Tobias Uhlemann is likely unhappy with the sentence as he demanded that Bachmann should be put behind bars for seven months for his actions. Uhlemann said that Bachmann was responsible for inciting hatred and his speech endangers the peace.

“The evidence is overwhelming,” he said. Dresden Attorney and press officer for the city prosecutor’s office, Lorenz Haase, also commented on the sentence saying, “we will consider next week whether we proceed against the judgement.”

Bachmann’ s lawyer Katja Reichel stood firm in the defence of her client. She claimed that Bachmann should be acquitted because there was not enough evidence to prove and clarify that the tone of the post was abusive. She said in the courtroom, “Mr. Bachmann is acquitted. Nothing has been proven!”

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