[Glenn Stanton] Rumours of Christianity's demise were much exaggerrated

[Glenn Stanton] Rumours of Christianity’s demise were much exaggerated

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[KeepTheFaith.co.uk] There’s been a rash of stories lately suggesting Christianity is in steep decline and that atheism is rapidly becoming the largest “religion” in the United States.

VIDEO: [Joy! Digital] Global Christianity stats: By 2050 Asia and Africa will be the most populous Christian continents and completely overtake America and Europe as former Christian regions. [May 10, 2016]

But is such news true? Is Christianity really going the way of the VHS tape?


As President Ronald Reagan once said of liberals: “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

Christianity is certainly not declining, and our nation’s citizens are not growing more secular. Let’s look at just three questions that reveal the actual story based on a broad array of leading academic research from our nation’s top sociologists of religion.

Where is church membership down?

Is church membership actually down over the last few decades? Yes and no. It depends on what branch of Christianity we’re talking about – the liberal mainliners or the more conservative, biblically faithful evangelical and non-denominational churches.

This article continues at [KeepTheFaith.co.uk] Is Christianity really shrinking?

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