Franklin Graham speaks during the funeral for Ruth Bell Graham in Anderson Auditorium on the campus of the Montreat Conference Center in North Carolina June 16, 2007.

Graham’s formula for a probable Trump-Clinton presidential choice:

The State
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Evangelist Franklin Graham, on Tuesday, urged thousands of people in Tennessee to vote and also to run for office to save America from sin and secularism.

“We’re here today because our country is in trouble,” he said, according to The Tennessean. “We’re in trouble spiritually, racially, economically, politically, and I can tell you right now there’s no one political party that’s going to turn this around.”

Graham led a midday prayer rally at the Legislative Plaza in Nashville, and he told the estimated 8,600 people present to be involved in the political process. He urged them to cast their vote come election time.

“Take your communities back. The devil’s got them. Let’s get them back,” he said. “There’s more of us than there is of them. We can just not afford to be silent anymore. We may not have another opportunity as a nation like this again, so you’ve got to vote.”

While he reportedly does not intend to endorse a presidential candidate, the evangelist encouraged the people to pray for guidance as well as to educate themselves on which nominee to pick.

This article continues at [Christian Times] Franklin Graham on Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton: Christians to vote for ‘the less of two heathens’

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