HBO produces yet another propaganda film promoting assisted suicide

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HBO’s Vice documentary series presented “Right to Die,” a 27-minute “debate” on assisted suicide.

To call this a debate is ridiculous. Less than two minutes was dedicated to opposition to assisted suicide. The segment implied that the opposition in the U.S. was led by the Catholic church, and didn’t even mention or interview disability rights organizations that oppose assisted suicide. The corresponded did admit that there is “some evidence” of a slippery slope in the Belgium and the Netherlands.

The documentary, narrated by correspondent Vikram Gandhi, is centred around the euthanasia death of Antoinette Westerink, a Dutch woman with a “personality disorder” whose euthanasia is shown during the segment. Ms. Westerink sees herself as preparing to emerge from a chrysalis, and having no regrets about her impending death. However, her adult son and daughter are upset that the psychiatrist who approved her euthanasia did so after only three meetings, and did not consult her family before making the determination.

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During the segment, Vikram Gandhi speaks to Christina Symonds, a person who is as yet minimally affected with ALS. As he introduces her, images of “Late stage ALS ‘patients’” are shown; a person in a hoyer lift, and others in hospital beds using external breathing assistance.

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