Hindus torture Christian convert, persuaded Christ saved his daughter

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Police in India initially declined to take action after Hindu extremists tortured one Christian and severely beat another, sources said.

In the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, Hindu extremists in Tewardih, Varanasi who have long insisted that a 30-year-old convert from Hinduism, Joginder Gold, stop worshiping Christ took him to a farm house on April 9 and tortured him.

“They tied me upside down on a tree and started verbally abusing me for my faith in Christ and started to beat me on the soles of my feet,” Gold told Morning Star News.

One of the assailants beat Gold for three hours and then inserted a stick into his mouth while two others sat on his chest. During the assault, the Christian vomited blood three times before losing consciousness.

Thinking that he had died, the radical Hindus put Gold in a shallow pit and covered him with hay and leaves, an area church leader said. A villager who witnessed the assault took Gold into his home and called his family and police.

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