Hollywood's Ben Stein castigates celebrities' anti-Trump 'thuggery'

Hollywood’s Ben Stein castigates celebrities’ anti-Trump ‘thuggery’

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With actors continued bashing of President-elect Donald Trump ever since he defeated his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in November’s presidential election, actor and economist Ben Stein blasted most of Hollywood as being a “bunch of thuggish bullies” who try to silence those with opposing political views.

When reflecting on his past work in the entertainment industry, including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Win Ben Stein’s Money, the conservative critic took on those who use acting as a stage to dictate public discussion on political matters.

Addressing the bullies

In the wake of the Golden Globes, which saw Meryl Streep and other Leftist actors and actresses taking aim at Trump and his supporters for not sharing their political ideals, Stein said Hollywood has become bolder in its attempt to manipulate public opinion in the political arena.

“I’ve earned my living – most of it in the vineyards of Hollywood for the last 40 years,” Stein told Fox News Channel’s Your World, according to Breitbart. “And a bigger bunch of bullies you have never seen in your life.”

He went on to use an analogy to further explain his thoughts on the matter.

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