How the Washington women's march forfeited a great chance for peace

How the Washington women’s march forfeited a great chance for peace

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The thought of thousands of women marching in Washington, expressing the beauty and strength of women everywhere and demanding the dignity and respect they deserve, made me dream of a massive mural worthy of Michelangelo. The idea of women uniting to support single mothers, who make up the majority of below poverty-level households, and fighting sex trafficking and exploitation had me longing to grab a plane ticket and join them.

My sympathies were with those women who were offended by the denigrating comments Donald Trump has made about women, and which were disclosed during the election campaign. And yet, an abortion march is no solution; it is a big part of the problem. Furthermore, what kind of women’s march discriminates against other women for daring to have their own thoughts?

The Women’s March could have been an opportunity to reach across divides and try to find some dialogue amid the different sides of religious liberty and birth control/abortion issues. But when New Wave Feminists signed up to co-sponsor the march, they were thrown out for being pro-life. (I do thank the March for drawing my attention to those remarkable women; I’ll be following them closely, now).

So, the reality of the Women’s March, highjacked by Planned Parenthood and plagued by contradictions, made me grateful to be here in Rome where, from my vantage point, I was able to view an extraordinary Women’s March depicted on our walls, carved in our stones and echoing in our streets. A Church that has welcomed all women from the holiest to the most sinful from its beginning.

The Church knows “black lives matter.” It was the Canossian sisters of Venice that brought about the freedom of African slave Saint Josephine Bakhita. Before her, St. Bathilda (whose feast day is Jan 26, btw) was freed in 649 by King Clovis who married her, and as queen, she used her authority to fight slave trafficking. Women in the front lines for other women.

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