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Inadequate attention was given the gay factor at Orlando, says LBGT

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Orlando was the worst mass shooting in US history. It looks set to become the most politically charged as well.

On Monday British columnist Owen Jones walked out on a Sky News interview about the massacre after a heated exchange in which the hosts refused to acknowledge that the attack was specifically targeted at the LGBT community.

Indeed there was something peculiar about the hosts’ insistence that Orlando was an attack on “the freedom of all people to try and enjoy themselves”.

The problem is that this attack presses so many buttons. First, it’s yet another mass-shooting in a country now notorious for them. Second, there’s the home-grown terrorism angle, with the killer invoking ISIS. Third, it is undeniably a specific attack on a gay nightclub, with unconfirmed reports from patrons that they had seen the killer in the same bar a dozen times before.

When responding to a tragedy, people generally and the media in particular turn to pre-existing narratives to inform their responses. And despite the obviously homophobic nature of this attack, mass murder of homosexuals is simply not a common or contemporary narrative for the public to adopt.

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