Dr. Joseph D'Souza is president of the Dalit Freedom Network and of the All India Christian Council.

Islamic terrorism cannot be defeated with political correctness

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I am a religious leader from India, where we know something about extremism. That’s why it didn’t surprise me that just days before the terrorist attack in Orlando, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India warned both houses of the U.S. Congress that the global fight against terror needs to be unified.

India, and Prime Minister Modi in particular, have done an effective job of protecting our country against myriad terrorist threats. This is in part because India is a very religious country that understands how religious heresy can foment into terrorism.

While every country has its own problems with extremists, groups like ISIS have globalized terror, and their own ideological and tactical unity demands the same amongst those who oppose them.

They can infiltrate borders without visas. They can recruit, train, and deploy suicidal jihadis from thousands of miles away. They can incite terrorism from within nation states by dispensing of traditional training camps in places like Afghanistan for digital training camps that make radicalization simpler than ever before.

This modern threat calls for global action, but it must begin with clear understanding.

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