It’s unmistakably clear, says Roseanne Barr: Hillary owns the press

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It is a wise general rule to pay little or no attention to anything celebrities say.

I am usually a firm subscriber to this rule, but I’m going to break it here. Roseanne Barr actually said something in an interview yesterday that piqued my interest.

Barr, who unsuccessfully ran for president in 2012, was quoted earlier this month by The Hollywood Reporter slamming one of the people currently running for president.

Judging by Roseanne’s comments in her interview with Yahoo!, she’s apparently been taking heat for recklessly sharing an opinion:

“I said the press was corrupt and that Hillary owns the press and that people in this country are not allowed to say anything except for that they love Hillary, or they’ll be harassed, especially on social media, until they leave or hang their head in shame. Because if you don’t endorse Hillary, then you’re anti-American, a racist, a sexist, or whatever names her robots throw around.” 

This article continues at [Intellectual Takeout] Roseanne: ‘Hillary Owns the Press’

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