[Jarrett] Researching Trump, looking for a crime - the FBI effort to peg president as a Russian spy

[Jarrett] Researching Trump, looking for a crime – the FBI effort to peg president as a Russian spy

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[Fox News] Dishonesty and corruption are endemic at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

VIDEO: What was the FBI thinking? Maybe it’s time to restore accountability for federal law enforcement

The latest proof comes in a New York Times report that the FBI initiated an investigation in May of 2017 into whether President Donald Trump was serving as a covert Russian agent.  The accusation itself was ludicrous on its face.  But from a legal standpoint, the FBI’s probe constituted an egregious abuse of power.  The Bureau had no probable cause, no evidence, and no reasonable suspicions.  They investigated Trump because they could.  They defied the law, ignored or perverted facts, and debased the integrity of a heretofore-respected law enforcement agency.

Why did these rogue officials commit such an outrageous act of malfeasance? In a word, vengeance.  Already incensed that Trump had defeated their preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, they grew furious when the president fired Director James Comey on May 9, 2017. In reaction, they sought retribution. What better way to avenge Comey’s firing than to launch a counterintelligence investigation of Trump under the false pretense that he committed treasonous acts for the benefit of the Kremlin and at the direction of President Vladimir Putin. Absent credible proof, information could be manipulated to frame Trump while a compliant media would gobble up the leaks and report the damaging charge. The election results could then be undone when the president was driven from office.

To readers of my book, “The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme To Clear Hillary Clinton And Frame Donald Trump,” this comes as no surprise.  As detailed therein, Comey and his faithful confederates at the Bureau twisted facts and contorted the law to absolve Clinton of all criminal acts she most certainly committed in the mishandling of her classified emails while Secretary of State.

On the same day Comey exonerated Clinton, his FBI was furtively meeting with the author of the fictitious anti-Trump “dossier” funded by Clinton and the Democrats.  Although nothing in the phony document was true or ever verified, the FBI used it as a pretext to commence and advance a malicious investigation into whether Trump “colluded” with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election.  They also exploited the “dossier” as the basis to gain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, concealing the truth from the intelligence court and deceiving the judges.

Over the next ten months, the FBI failed to corroborate anything in the “dossier.”  Bureau agents uncovered no evidence that Trump had somehow conspired or coordinated with Russia to influence the election. Then came the firing of Comey for just cause.  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Comey’s direct boss, volunteered to author a memorandum recommending his termination for multiple acts of misconduct and serious violations of Justice Department and FBI rules in the Clinton case.  Six former Attorneys General and Deputy Attorneys General from different eras and both political parties endorsed his termination.  Comey was canned for reasons that were entirely merited and had nothing whatsoever to do with the Russia probe.  The president was constitutionally authorized to take such action, which Comey confirmed in a letter to his colleagues at the FBI.

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