Jason Kenney's busy first three months in government

Jason Kenney’s busy first three months in government

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[Edmonton Journal] Premier Jason Kenney promised Alberta voters his new government would deliver on a sweeping agenda upon taking office, frequently pointing to the UCP’s 117-page policy book during the 2019 election campaign.

VIDEO: [CTV News] The promises that were kept, are made: Jason Kenney speaks to the media the morning after winning the last Alberta election. [Apr. 17, 2019]

Our Alberta politics reporting team is keeping track of those moves and will update this story as things change in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Here’s what’s happened so far since the UCP formed government in the wake of the April 16, 2019, election.

Kenney and a cabinet of 23 ministers and associate ministers took their oaths of office on April 30, formally taking over the job of running the province.

Calgary is heavily represented in cabinet, with 13 of the 23 positions (including Kenney) filled by Calgary MLAs.

Kenney, the 18th premier in Alberta’s history, turned to several rookie MLAs to fill key cabinet posts, though he did keep the job of intergovernmental relations minister for himself.

This article continues at [Edmonton Journal] It’s been three months: What has Jason Kenney got done?

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