The story of Jesus Christ is coming to virtual reality for the first time. Autumn Productions and VRWerx announced to release the live-action film 'Jesus VR — The Story of Christ' on all major VR platforms this Christmas. This image shows a production still from 'Jesus VR - The Story of Christ'

Jesus to appear in live-action virtual reality film this Christmas

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It is, according to some, the greatest story ever told, but soon you will be able to experience the life of Jesus for yourself in virtual reality.

Autumn Productions and VRWerx have announced they are to release a live-action film ‘Jesus VR — The Story of Christ’ on all major VR platforms this Christmas.

The 90-minute movie will depict events such as the birth of Christ, his baptism, crucifixion and resurrection in 360 degrees.

The high resolution 4K video will mean viewers will be able to look all around the scenes and choose which angle they want to view the action.

Christ is to be played by actor Tim Fellingham, whose previous movies include Final Destination 5, while Enzo Sisti, who was the executive producer of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, will serve the same role on the VR movie.

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