[Joseph Hippolito] They died for dialogue? Pope's weak response small comfort to survivors

[Joseph Hippolito] They died for dialogue? Pope’s weak response small comfort to survivors

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[Frontpage Mag] Perhaps the most tragic image from the Easter massacre in Sri Lanka is a picture of girls in white dresses and veils who were about to make their first Communion at one of the two Catholic churches that Muslim terrorists attacked. Instead of forming a line to receive the Eucharist, the girls were aligned in a row of neat, lifeless bodies.

VIDEO: [CNN] Meanwhile, in the United States Noya Dahan, an eight-year-old shooting victim from the San Diego synagogue gunman massacre, describes moment she was hit in the head with shrapnel. [Apr 29, 2019]

“I condemn this barbaric Islamist violence,” wrote Cardinal Robert Sarah in his Easter tweet. Sarah, from Guinea, is the prefect for the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

Yet far too many Catholic prelates express the kind of vapid sentimentality Pope Francis displayed in tweeting about the massacre:

“Today, too, let us join in prayer with the Christian community of Sri Lanka, which was struck by terrible violence on Easter Sunday. We entrust to the risen Lord the victims, the wounded and all the suffering.”

Francis’ response is the latest in a series of similar non-reactions from the Vatican and Catholic prelates to the murder of the innocent and the persecution of the faithful, especially by Muslims. But such responses demonstrate more than moral apathy. They illustrate the Vatican’s policy of appeasing Islam at the expense of the innocent, which reflects Rome’s embrace of secular utopianism.

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