Just as their last cities fall, underground ISIS drones now reach catastrophic capability

Just as their last cities fall, underground ISIS drones now reach catastrophic capability

The State
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The Islamic State’s propaganda arm recently released a new video of a quadcopter drone dropping a munition on a Syrian regime army depot in the Middle Euphrates River Valley.

The army depot was reportedly located in a local soccer stadium and appeared almost completely destroyed after the incident. ISIS has pioneered the use of low cost quadcopter drones in warfare prompting worry amongst the U.S. military and terrorism experts.

The Pentagon is so concerned about the threat from ISIS, it initiated a $700 million program aimed at countering commercial drones. The program includes using lasers to shoot drones out of the sky. The technology is in its infancy, however, and has yet to yield any significant results.

The terrorist group used some commercial drones to drop cheap IED’s on the Iraq Security Forces during the Battle for Mosul. ISIS announced the formation of a new drone warfare unit in January, whose sole purpose is to inflict “a new source of horror for the apostates.” ISIS claimed its the new unit killed nearly 40 Iraqi soldiers in just one week.

The threat may not just be limited to the battlefield. Georgetown terrorism expert Dr. Bruce Hoffman recently warned that drone “swarms” could become a facet of western terrorist attacks.

This article continues at [Daily Caller] VIDEO: This Is What An ISIS Drone Strike Looks Like

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